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The Young City Launch in Waterloo

The Young City
Yesterday I attended the Waterloo launch of The Young City by James Bow at the Waterloo Public Library. The Young City is the third in the Unwritten trilogy and it's published by Dundurn Press. James read from the previous volume, Fathom Five, at the Eden Mills Writers' Festival in September.

The books feature Peter and Rosemary, two teenagers who end up in other worlds. In this case it's 19th-century Toronto, and because they can't figure out how to get back, most of the book takes place there.

James read passages from various places in the book and the audience asked him questions about the research he had to do to write a historical novel. He explained that he did just enough to get the details right (and that those details had some influence on how the plot played out) but that he was careful not to mire himself in the history, as is easy to do.

A most enjoyable afternoon. You can check out James's Facebook fan page here and he also has a website.

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